[record review] Peace ‘In Love’ /// playing tonight @ Brighton Music Hall


Peace In Love Album

Released March 25, 2013 via Columbia

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he UK boasts a long and storied history of impeccable indie music. In Love, the debut from Worcester (that’s Worcester in Worcestershire, England – not Massachusetts) band PEACE, doesn’t disappoint in offering up 40-minutes worth of danceable guitar-pop. Peace’s sound borrows the best bits of ‘90s UK indie, drawing on-the-sleeve influences by groups like Blur, Ride, Shed Seven, and Mansun.

In Love begins with “Higher Than the Sun,” and no, it doesn’t sound anything like the Primal Scream track of the same name. The opener sets us nicely up for the rest of the record -– catchy hooks, new wave guitars, and dreamy melodies. Track two, “Follow Baby,” released as the band’s second In Love single in March, features heavy guitars that would feel at home on a Chapterhouse song before switching gears for a pop-tastic chorus. The falsetto cry of “Follow baby/We’re gonna live forever” (hello, Oasis!) is an instant earworm. The dance floor-worthy “Lovesick” is the album’s latest single, boasting a saccharine chorus of “I wanna get lovesick with you.” “Lovesick” has Summer Jam 2013 written all over it. The gents of Peace truly possess a talent for composing impossibly catchy melodies.


“Wraith,” released as a single in January, is Peace’s tribute to Madchester. The funky guitars give it a Happy Mondays vibe while the smooth chorus solidifies its place in the Peace back catalogue. This baggy sound is revisited on “Waste of Paint,” when vocalist Harrison Kossier channels the Charlatans’ Tim Burgess. “Step A Lil’ Closer” sees Peace dabbling in ‘60s psychedelia while “Toxic” is another glistening indie pop gem.

The deluxe version of In Love contains two bonus tracks. Peace has garnered recent comparisons to Vampire Weekend, and after hearing the bonus track “Bloodshake” the similarity is most obvious.

Overall, In Love is a solid record highlighting some impressive pop treasures, and those tunes will be on full display tonight when Peace wrap up their first US tour with a 13th and final date in Boston.

PEACE + TEAM SPIRIT + PARKS | Thursday, June 13 @ Brighton Music Hall, 158 Brighton Ave., Allston | 8 pm, 18-plus, $12 | advance tickets | v:list


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