[awesome video alert] The Wandas “Mad Man” // record release 06.27.13 @ T.T.’s


Featured Wandas photo on the homepage by Jesse Power

June of 1998 was a weird time, an innocent golden era for AOL Chatrooms, Freddie Prinze Jr., and Savage Garden. But it was also a time when sombrero fashion for regular dudes like you and me was at an all time high, and nothing was higher than a bunch of kids in a car driving around suburban parking lots after the strip malls.

Boston indie rock gentlemen THE WANDAS have a new music video for upbeat jangly single “Mad Man,” and takes us back 15 long years to June 6, 1998, using long-lost home video footage that reminds me of the days spent in Long Island basements and driving around looking for rogue still-in-business Caldors while listening to Tenacious D demo tapes while stoned off our collective tits.


There wasn’t much to celebrate in the late-’90s, but it was our time. And working at the mall wasn’t that bad, especially if you scored a sweet gig at either Sam Goody or Journey’s.

Despite the music video looking back at the past, the Wandas have their sights set ahead toward end of the month, when they drop new record New Interface [A Design With Friends For The Future] on June 25, their first since 2011’s self-titled debut. The official release party arrives two days later at T.T. The Bear’s with Boom Said Thunder and Slowdim. We’ll be smoking around the corner like it’s 1998. Grab the song here if that’s how you roll.