Thursday 03.21.13: Pretty & Nice + Stephie Coplan + Jukebox The Ghost @ Brighton Music Hall


Now deemed “Buzzworthy” by the good folks at MTV, Boston’s PRETTY & NICE have been on the road prepping new record Golden Rules for Golden People, the Rory Records/Equal Vision Records follow-up to last year’s self-released Us You All We. After their gig exactly a week ago at SXSW at the Basement just off Congress Street (where they wrapped shooting a seven-location music video), I trrrrriiiieeeeeedddddd to get the scoop on the new tunes, and, well, did, in a tour van interview down in Austin, but it’s lost in the WFNX black hole. It was cool, I pretended to be Pretty & Nice and Pretty & Nice pretend to be me. More shit that will never air. Vanyaland needs a soundcloud. Note to self.

Anyway, the new P&N record is not out until late April, but we’ll get a taste Thursday night when our favorite herky-jerky ampersand band hits Allston’s Brighton Music Hall with the Charlotte-Zoller-tour-navigated Jukebox the Ghost and WFNX golden girl Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians, who, as has been well documented, I am quite fond of.

There is seriously way too much going on Thursday night. WTF. We haven’t even gotten to the Middle East show. I’ve been picking unemployment splinters out of my ass all week, and now there are at least four shows I need/want to be at tomorrow night. Dafuq.