Thursday 03.21.13 @ Great Scott: San Cisco


So I guess for the next few weeks these posts will be a series of What Ifs. Shows that never happened, songs that never got played, bands not written about blah blah blah all that regretful shit.

But here’s something I’m legit bummed about: Aussie pop act SAN CISCO were supposed to perform a private set at the Museum of Fine Arts tomorrow, part of the years-long WFNX sessions that in the past housed the Vaccines, Dropkick Murphys, Airborne Toxic Event, and so on and so on. We were currently in talks to host future sessions with the Breeders and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But those, like San Cisco tomorrow, won’t ever happen.

In any event, WFNX had been spinning their breakout hit “Awkward” for a while on the stream. People were feeling it.


They are in town to begin with, of course, because they’re at Great Scott in Allston tomorrow night, 03.21.13, so we’ll just have to settle for a regular ol’ plugged-in show. So it goes.

Despite the song title, there’s nothing “Awkward” about San Cisco’s bubbly brand of love-pop, and like the Naked and Famous and Strange Talk, the band is the latest in a string of acts from Australia and New Zealand blurring the lines between indie and electro. Their 2012 Awkward EP was one of the more overlooked records of the year, but I think their 2013 success will more than make up for it.