Neemz proves she’s a ‘BIG STEPPA’ with a well-planned strategy

Photo Credit: Raneem Abuhasan via TIDAL

Neemz has made some “BIG” strides of late — and not just with her song titles. The Palestinian-Bostonian multi-hyphenate creator has made history as one of Bodega’s first hijabi models, designed her own Converse, and in 2023 was a two-time nominee and Video of the Year winner at the Boston Music Awards.

Now, she’s ready for the next (big) step with her latest single, “BIG STEPPA.” The track dropped on Friday (February 9), but the video just debuted today (February 15) over on YouTube. The song itself is catchy, with a pulsing beat perfectly paced for a confidence-boosting hot girl walk — which is great, considering it’s a track all about embracing self-confidence and growth.

In “BIG STEPPA,” Neemz sings of embracing life and always pushing forward; the earworm of a chorus will likely leave “big steppa, I’m stackin’ all this cheddar” playing on a loop for many. In the video, she takes the “BIG STEPPA” theme literally, walking through massive empty halls and down quiet streets. The simplicity of the video reads as well-earned confidence—the song doesn’t need flashy visual effects when the artist can speak for herself.

In the teaser trailer for the music video, Neemz says that “I’ve learned that to survive and to evolve, one has to anticipate the unexpected. You have to plan ahead. You have to understand where you’re going, because you can never underestimate the power of a well-planned strategy,” before promising that “I’m showing you the way.”

“BIG STEPPA” easily fulfills that promise. Step this way below.