Mic’d Up: Theo Von, Scott Thompson, Boston Comedy Blowout

Via The Wilbur

Editor’s Note: The shot clock has been reset and we’re in the early innings of a brand new year. However, we all know just how grey and cold the winter months can feel once the holidays wrap up, so comedy is continuing to do the Lord’s work by giving us something to smile (or groan, wince, or gasp) at. With homegrown talent, national headliners, and open mics galore highlighting the calendar, the plethora of powerful comedy throughout the commonwealth continues to show up, night after night. Enter Mic’d Up, our ongoing weekly series that details the best live comedy shows to consider as you head out and about. Below, find our rundown for this week, through Sunday (February 11).

Scott Thompson at City Winery

The revival of The Kids in The Hall might not be too far in the rearview, but that isn’t stopping Scott Thompson from keeping the spirit of his iconic character alive away from the camera. Returning to the city with a brand new batch of thoughts straight from the mind of Buddy Cole, Thompson delivers an expertly crafted one-man show that brings together generations of comedy and TV fans everywhere.

SCOTT THOMPSON :: Wednesday, February 7 at City Winery, 80 Beverly St. in Boston, MA :: 5:30 p.m., $32 to $39 :: Advance tickets

Theo Von at Mullins Center

The Rat King is back and as scatter-brained as ever, as the Louisiana-bred comedy wild card brings the most recent leg of his long-running tour to western Massachusetts for a night of arena-sized fun and absurdity. Will he tell stories about his hometown? Aliens at the In-&-Out drive thru window? The time he went to the Wonka factory and got a piggy back ride from an Oompa Loompa? Anything is possible with Von, which makes a night with him at the mic at ZooMass that much more of a grab bag of insanity.

THEO VON :: Friday, February 9 at Mullins Center, 200 Commonwealth Ave. in Amherst, MA :: 6:30 p.m., $45 to $85 :: Advance tickets

Boston Comedy Blowout at Norwood Theatre

Getting the chance to see just one of Boston’s best comedic minds on stage is a treat, but to have four in the same room on the same night is just insane. With Jimmy Cash, Kelly MacFarland, Corey Rodrigues, and the legendary Tony V on the bill, it’s a four-headed dragon of comedy gold that, barring an act of god, will deliver from start to finish without stopping.

BOSTON COMEDY BLOWOUT :: Friday, February 9 at Norwood Theatre, 109 Central St. in Norwood, MA :: 7:30 p.m., $30 to $43 :: Advance tickets