Jason Ebbs’ hopes melt away on sugary new single ‘Always Wanted’

Photo Credit: Audrey Ensor

Forget a “song of the summer” debate — let’s discuss who’s churning out this year’s summer bummer anthem.

Since the onset of unprecedented times/the apocalypse/whatever we’re calling the chaotic political climate these days, musicians have increasingly funneled their tears into danceable expressions of agony. Look no further than Olivia Rodrigo’s table-flipping rager “good 4 u” or Glass Animals’ undying smash “Heat Waves” for proof that streamers are obsessed with the so-sad-it’s-good phenomenon. Just last week (July 29), Jason Ebbs released a solid candidate for summer 2022’s heartbroken hit called “Always Wanted.”

The new single from the Boston artist bleeds with defeat over unrequited love, but still musters an indulgent scoop of pop-rock oomph that makes the rejection a smidge easier to swallow. “You could be the death of me / You could be the one / Pull the trigger and tell me you’re mine while we’re still young,” Ebbs urges on the second verse. His high hopes melt into oblivion like a kiddie cone in July by the time the chorus kicks in.

“’Always Wanted’ is about the emotional challenge of falling in love with a long-time friend but coping with the fact that the love will probably never blossom,” Ebbs shares. “Rather than try to change anything and risk ruining the relationship, the protagonist wallows in limbo and settles for complaisance.” 

“Always Wanted” never departs from that aforementioned limbo, nor can it seem to decide if it’s smitten or stomped-on. But that’s exactly what summer bummer anthems are made of: Messy feelings, sour situations, and a hook so sweet, you’d never realize it stemmed from absolute misery.

Oddly enough, the kind of contradictory combo we’ve always wanted. Dive into Jason Ebbs’ new single below.