BROODS invite us back into their world with ‘Piece Of My Mind’

Photo Credit: Sam Kristofski

New Zealand duo BROODS are back this week with their first new music in two years, but with everything that’s happened since then, we’d all be forgiven for thinking Georgia and Caleb Nott have been away from our hearts, minds, and playlists for way longer. However time is marked, the project has certainly made up for anything lost with a dazzling new single titled “Piece Of My Mind.” The alt-pop shaker is the first taste of a forthcoming new album, Space Island, and it feels like an exciting new chapter for the stylish pair of Notts.

“‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the opening fanfare of Space Island,” says Georgia Nott. “The song describes the many paradoxes we encounter when we try to escape our problems — the more we try to run away from our problems and ourselves, the more we are confronted with the aspects of each that we don’t like. Piece Of My Mind’ is the moment I start reasoning with myself at the crossroads — to figure out where I am, and what’s really at the heart of what I’m denying and trying to escape.” 

This glowing orb of a track comes correct with a proper sci-fi visual inspired by b-movies. It was shot on 35mm and 16mm film in New Zealand, and feels appropriately apocalyptic for the times. “We wanted to do something really special, because we don’t know when people are going to be able to go to live shows next,” adds Nott. “So we wanted to create this world that people could come and visit from wherever they are.” 

Welcome back, take us with you.