Lola Lennox finds a passion towards life in the playful ‘Love Like That’

Photo Credit: London Ellis

We first got hip to the sweet sun-kissed sound of Lola Lennox back in April, when the rising artist channeled a wonderful dose of alt-pop escapism through her single “Wherever You Go”. The daughter of legendary Scottish singer Annie Lennox and Israeli film producer Uri Fruchtmann, Lennox is quickly carving her own identity in music, and today (July 16) drops a playful new summertime tune called “Love Like That” that already feels a bit timeless. The track was written by Lennox with Mischa Mandal and Steve Rusch, and produced by Braeden Wright with mom Annie on board as a co-producer. Hey, why not?

“When I make music, I hope to create something authentically me, something that captures the essence of a feeling or story from my life,” says the younger Lennox. “For me, making music is my quest toward being myself, and finding that through the subtle art of melody, lyrics and production. By embracing who we are, we are then able to live in the moment, to let go of our inhibitions, and feel 100 percent confident in our own skin.”

She adds: “‘Love Like That’ doesn’t only have to mean romantic love, it’s also an expression for having passion toward life, chasing the things that light us up and just being our own unique selves. Expressing a sense of joyous and spontaneous freedom, it makes you want to kick back and drink a cocktail in the sunshine…”


The single lands today complete with an accompanying video, directed by Emmy-nominated and award-winning South African director Natalie Johns, who was at the wheel for the “Wherever You Go” visual. The video finds Lennox performing inside a box truck as it rides around Los Angeles, a nod to the creativity that performers have had to lean on during the pandemic age.

“I’ve missed playing live so much this past year, so for the ‘Love Like That’ music video I dreamed up a way of performing that had a unique twist; I decided to hire a van and create a moving art installation within it, I asked my dancer friends to join, and we drove around Los Angeles performing ‘Love Like That’ on the streets,” Lennox says. “I wanted the video to capture the natural magic of live performance. We didn’t follow a clear-cut narrative — we knew the special moments would emerge simply by having fun and feeling the music. Making the ‘Love Like That’ music video was both exciting and meaningful — getting lost in the music while seeing people smile, made the long wait worth it!”

Watch it like that below.