Franki fires off an alt-pop ‘Redo’ to help propel himself forward

Raised By Wolves PR

At one point or another, we’ve all requested a “Redo” — one for the past year, one for life choices gone awry, one for big opportunities missed or a person we’ve treated badly. For Dublin artist Franki, his personal reflecting on a “Redo” is all about coming to terms with the past and using it to become a better, more honest person today. It’s OK to look back and wish things went a different way, as long as it serves a life lesson and help shapes better decisions in the days ahead.

His new track, a sparkling fit of chillwave- and R&B-tinted alt-pop, arrives today (April 30), and it flows nicely with the colorful, upbeat jams that are sure to be soundtracking an exciting summer ahead as we grapple with the kind of person we are, and who we want to be.

“‘Redo’ came at a time when I was second-guessing myself a lot and questioning all of my decisions, wanting to go back and do them again,” Franki says. “Especially when it came to relationships. I think people generally have an issue with absolving themselves of responsibility and I wanted to honestly reflect my own arrogance. I think doing that and being this honest with myself in my songwriting has been extremely valuable to me since then and that honesty in my songs is something I hold quite close”

Stop thinking about the past, stop trying to change what’s done, and use “Redo” as a compass to move forward to make today better than the day before. Fire it up below.