Liz Bills continues on a path to wellness with ‘Come Back Down To Me’

Photo Credit: Sarah Gates Photography

Liz Bills never shies away from a fight. The Massachusetts singer-songwriter and vocal powerhouse opened the year challenging social media addiction head-on through her captivating single and video for “Wi-Hi,” taking her own feelings and experience with our increasingly digital lives and addressing them against the backdrop of societal call-to-action. It’s becoming increasingly familiar territory for Bills, who is creating a path along her own wellness journey by challenging social and cultural norms one melody at a time.

Today (April 9), she rolls a new roots-rock beat with “Come Back Down To Me,” a cruising and catchy single with a proper springtime bounce that centers around mind and body healing. “Come Back Down To Me” is the third single off her upcoming sophomore record, expected to drop sometime this summer, and finds she and her band The Change once again linking up with producer Sean McLaughin of 37Ft Productions.

Very much in the style of Bills’ songwriting with a cause, “Come Back Down To Me” channels her own struggles to light the way forward for others. The artist has recently opened up personally to reveal she’s been diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia, a voice disorder, as well as borderline personality disorder, depression, an eating disorder, and anxiety. She continues to reflect inward to create a wider path towards healing and wellness for others.


“‘Come Back Down To Me’ is a song about coming back into my body,” Bills says. “It’s a song about facing myself and feeling the emotions I’ve been running from and numbing out.”

Ride along with Bills below.