Dayglow soundtracks his stages of personal growth on ‘Woah Man’

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

There are many ways to quietly pass the time in 2021, and one of the more enjoyable methods for us lately has been to count down until the new Dayglow album is out. Simply put, we just need that kind of energy in our lives right now, and through a pair of singles so far, Sloan Struble has demonstrated that his forthcoming sophomore album, May 21’s Harmony House, should be one of the year’s finest.

Last week he hit with the third single from the new Dayglow album, titled “Woah Man,” and it’s a glowing psych-pop tune all about the changes, growth and responsibility we face as we try to become better people. For Struble, it’s specific to his rising profile as a songwriter and artist, but it feels like something that can resonate across the board for all the regular folx out there.

“I initially wrote [‘Woah Man’] for a friend who was going through a hard time, but then later realized that I was really writing about myself,” Struble says. “In the middle of so much change, growth, and responsibility, I found myself feeling a lot of pressure. After months of feeling like I had the world on my shoulders and that I was growing up too fast, I realized that in order to grow, you have to move on sometimes. You have to let some things go. And for me, what I needed to let go of was the feeling of being in control of everything. I had to let go of holding on (very meta, I know). I just remember finishing the song and feeling so much relief and clarity about who I am becoming. The song has continued to help me through so many different stages of growth in my life — I hope it does the same for you.”

Take it for a ride via Spotify and YouTube, and rejoice — now we can say the new Dayglow record is out next month.