Natalie McCool awakens an alt-pop realization on ‘A Sun Going Down’

Photo Credit: Robin Clewley

Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s not, but we’re starting to welcome a wave of new songs that all center, in their own creative ways, around a theme of newfound independence. The pandemic era, whether or not it’s starting to fade out as of late February ’21, has taught us that no one is going to take care of us quite like ourselves, and the various lockdowns and modes of social distancing has proven that we’re the ones in charge of our own happiness.

Natalie McCool’s brilliant new single “A Sun Going Down” plays on these themes of independence. The Liverpool artist this week throws down a lush, kaleidoscopic alt-pop track that boasts elements of prog and synth-pop, all while possessing true breakout potential for the songwriter. “A Sun Going Down” is a warm gem of a track, following a trio of well-received 2020 singles, and will be featured on a forthcoming full-length album.

“Written and recorded just before lockdown, this song was birthed at a very tumultuous time for me personally, and as the rest of 2020 proved, professionally too,” says McCool. “This song is not about the obvious things that happened last year, more about my personal mindset and feelings; it’s about the dawning of intuition, a slow but staggering realization that you don’t need a person, and the finality of walking forward without them — forever.”


We look forward to many more realizations like this as 2021 begins to unfold. Listen to “A Sun Going Down” below.