VISSIA shines an electro-pop allure with the magnetic ‘On My Mind’

Credit: Peter Kominek

The dance party era may have been paused, but the dance party, out of the clubs and into the homes for groups of one or two or maybe even three, rages on into 2021. The latest to drop into our solitary mix comes from Canadian alt-pop artist VISSIA, which taps into our primal urges in her latest electro-pop banger, “On My Mind.”

There’s a metallic glow to the track that rides the rails under colorful synths and VISSIA’s magnetic allure; it’s part Kylie, part La Roux, part retro-nostalgia reimagined for modern yearning in the age of separation. A seductive jam for that dance party of two.

“[‘On My Mind’ is] about being in the moment with somebody special and appreciating all of them — mind, body and soul — right here, right now, just as they are,” VISSIA says. “There is no past. There is no future. There is only the eye-locking, breathtaking, sexy, sweaty, fun, beautiful, uncomplicated now.”


Who needs a packed club when you have that lover locked in? “On My Mind” will be featured on VISSIA’s forthcoming album, the wonderfully titled With Pleasure, due out April 30. Get in her head below.