Teen Daze takes us down to the peace and calm of ‘Glacial Lake’

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As January fades into February, there’s been a fresh calmness to winter that’s been much needed after nearly a year of pandemic tension. With springtime approaching in tandem with hopes for a return to normal life, this feel like a period where deep breathes and moments of tranquility will help finally get us to where we long to be. As we claim a sense of balance, Teen Daze comes through with a new ambient track that delivers us to the peace and calm of “Glacial Lake.”

The new track, released this past Friday (January 29), leads the British Columbian artist’s three-song EP, Breathing Tides, set for release February 19. Its aim is to create a sense of calm for the listener, and the atmospheric, minimalist “Glacial Lake” is certainly transportive in its approach.

“This last year has been so difficult for so many people, and creating this music has been such an important way for me to process,” says Teen Daze. “Hopefully, these sounds can provide some calm for you as well.”


More music will be on the way from Teen Daze later in 2021, but first, let’s just get through today. Listen to “Glacial Lake” via Spotify below, or gaze out at the mountains through a Youtube portal.