Pale Waves are in love with being in love on ‘Easy’

Photo Credit: Jordan Curtis-Hughes

Pale Waves are back with next month’s sophomore album Who Am I?, and while that question remains unanswered, one thing is certain: Loving you is “Easy,” according to singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie. The British pop-rock group hit yesterday (January 13) with the third single from the LP, and it’s a joyous tune about being in love with being in love, and it surely would have sounded massive on this summer’s festival circuit.

“Love can change your whole perspective, not only of yourself but of life too,” Baron-Gracie says. “It’s the most heartfelt moment throughout the album and it is a genuine, feel-good love song. Originally, ‘Easy’ was a piano ballad but I wanted to put more energy behind the instrumentation to enhance how love can uplift, drive, and inspire you hence the dramatic musical change.”

Two weeks into 2021, which is emerging as nothing more than a 2020 remix, those feel-good posi vibes are entirely welcome. “Easy” comes correct with a Burton-esque video that visually contrasts the track’s bright, bubbly nature.


“The video visually brings to life one of the main lines of the chorus ‘you keep the lights on for me’. The whole video’s theme is a wedding, I wore a wedding dress throughout and we shot the video in an old, abandoned church,” adds Baron-Gracie. “I am really inspired by the gothic medieval aesthetic and, at the time I was thinking of the video, I was watching a lot of Tim Burton films. His creativity really inspires me.”

Who Am I?, meanwhile, is out February 12 via Dirty Hit. Get into “Easy” below.