Hallelujah The Hills prescribe a spontaneous single to help save Great Scott

Photo Credit: Adam Parshall

Hallelujah The Hills are, at their core, a contemplative band. Their records — 2019’s I’m You, for instance — stretch out musical concepts over new visions of folk and alternative, guaranteeing a thought-provoking listening experience.

That’s why it’s notably out of character for the Boston band to release a new track that was finished not even 12 hours ago.

The group shared a tune called “Popular Anti​-​Depressants of the 21st Century” today (September 4) after writing, recording, and mixing it the day prior. Proceeds from the song will be donated to Carl Lavin’s Mainvest campaign to re-open Great Scott at a new location (which might just be the now-vacant Regina Pizzeria building).

Despite being completed during such a short spell, “Popular Anti​-​Depressants of the 21st Century” still authentically bears the burden of 2020’s constant mourning. “And even all the outsider artists / Are sick and tired of staying inside / We’ll take to the streets / And play this one for keeps / Maybe we’re still stuck inside the prequel,” vocalist and guitarist Walsh reflects wistfully, yet still optimistic.

“Now, as you may have noticed, things seem pretty fucking dark right now,” shares Walsh on Bandcamp. “We all feel and live that, and some of us way more than others. I wanted to acknowledge that but find some small tiny way to place some hope in there as well. If we’re still inside the prequel, that means the story hasn’t even really begun yet, and that big changes are forward momentum are right around the corner. I hope that’s true.”