Swirlpool ‘gaze like a modern classic on ‘Spinning in Reverse’

Via Bandcamp

Buckle up: It doesn’t take long for Swirlpool’s new track “Spinning In Reverse” to hit its sweet spot, and in fairness to the band, neither will this post. The German quartet dropped a music video for their new single late last week (July 31), and it already feels like a modern classic.

There are some nice visual elements here — the scene of a depressed laundromat, the Murder Capital shirt sported by the bassist, and that Fred Perry classic barrel duffle bag that we all seem to have but never recall buying — but the true sauce with bite is in Swirlpool’s rich, expansive wave of sound that swells and revs with ease.

Let that guitar tone cascade all over your Friday malaise, and take a swan dive into maybe the best new shoegaze track in several years. Shit it’s so good, someone out there will be mad we called it shoegaze.


However it’s categorized, one thing not up for debate is the sheer quality on display.