Can Nick Cave’s Gucci socks help save a London music venue?

Trinity Auction House

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many independent live music rooms on the brink of collapse, and English venue Trinity is no exception. The rock club located in the London suburb of Harrow has rallied to raise money as part of Music Venue Trust’s #SaveOurVenues initiative — and now has Nick Cave footing some of the cost, literally.

Cave has donated a pair of Gucci socks to save Trinity, and they will be available via public auction Thursday night (June 4) via eBay, according to the Trinity Auction House Facebook group.  

In addition to other Cave memorabilia set for auction, these socks come complete with some DIY artwork by the famed musician and author, with a written declaration: “This pair of sparkly socks officially belong to Nick Cave and are worth a fucking fortune.”


The venue is thrilled by the gesture.

“And this is what Nick has created and generously donated — we call it the Thingy as it defies description,” writes organizer Britta Burmester. “To say we were dumbstruck would be an understatement; we’d contacted him in the hopes of getting him to contribute something/anything, but this — excuse the cliché/awful pun — blew our socks off!

Burmester describes the socks as a “truly unique item, and fucking funny as well — receiving a pair of socks from our favorite artist in the mail also ranks amongst the more absurdly hilarious things to have happened to any of us, ever, and we can’t thank Nick enough for this!”


Check it out below, and keep it locked to Trinity Auction House on Facebook for the eBay link when it goes live.