Rosewood Bape drifts away from relationship woes with ‘Not My Fault’


If you can’t run away from your problems in quarantine, then you can at least drift away from them temporarily via Rosewood Bape’s new tune “Not My Fault.”

A far-reaching retro tune that seemingly slips into the stratosphere, the track was produced by Boston’s Jon Glass and Newmarket, New Hampshire-based artist Teeba, coming together under Bape’s Mattapan roots. Unsurprisingly, “Not My Fault” wasn’t intended to be released during an age of isolation, but its lyrics fit even better during the height of social distancing.

“The record is about not being able to see your significant other, explains Glass. “This is very relatable for everyone right now, but prior to the pandemic there’s times when work has to take priority in order to help build a future for you and the people you love.”


“It’s not my fault I can’t see the vision you have for us right now, but just know I’ll always hold us down,” adds Bape.

Tune in below.