Foxes returns with a bounce and a purpose with ‘Love Not Loving You’

Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando

A few days ago we celebrated the seventh anniversary of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and we were all sitting at home thinking out loud about how we need more disco funk in our lives. Perhaps Foxes heard us (she didn’t), because the British pop singer is back today (May 20) with a capital-J jam called “Love Not Loving You” — and it’s got that bounce.

Foxes, who gained fame at the start of the 2010’s by guesting on Zedd’s game-changing single “Clarity”, has been laying low on a three-year hiatus. She’s apparently back calling the shots and taking creative control over her sound, and we couldn’t be more grateful. The track’s themes play into this newfound sense of pride and person, and it feels like the start of a new era. And something special.

“This song is about finally falling in love with myself, about not depending on anyone else for my own happiness,” says Foxes. “And being able to stand on my own two feet. I hope the message in this song can inspire others to do the same.”

Dig in below via Spotify, or check out the clever music video for “Love Not Loving You”, directed by The Mill’s Rauri Cantelo.