Lady Frankenstein’s ‘Alien’ Facehugger coronavirus mask is hitting eBay

Lady Frankenstein on Facebook

Over the past week or so we’ve all been busy creating homemade facial masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Some have used t-shirts, some have used bandanas, and others have pulled from assorted materials buried deep within the cold, dark, infinite space of their closets.

But one artist, Lady Frankenstein, has gotten extra crafty, creating an insane replica of the Facehugger Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise. It’s authentic, it works as intended, and it is sure to keep everyone very socially distant as you wander the aisles of Wegman’s.

This Friday (April 17) one of them hits eBay. And now you can be the hottest thing on LV-426.

“My Facehugger mask is going viral around the world right now! I’m really flashed!” Lady Frankenstein writes on Facebook, her German filtered through a translation. “Without end requests if you can buy the mask! So I have decided to get about another time. Take 20 hours to make another Facehugger mask! An original Lady Frankenstein Facehugger mask for one / or one of you! She will be ready by Friday, then I’ll hire her on eBay! The rest will be in your hands!”

Lady Frankenstein says she’ll post the eBay link to her Facebook page on Friday, so do keep an eye out.

And cover your mouths.