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Studio 52 SpotlightGraneros

What Studio 52 Says: From the woods of Massachusetts, punk-influenced indie rock band Graneros have concocted a spicy cocktail of pummeling rock and roll that burns so good. With all three members of Boston punk outfit Dead Cats Dead Rats as the backing band and Matt Wolz on vocals and guitar, Graneros have cultivated a trio of records since 2017 and each one is an upbeat powerhouse of riffs from start to finish. 2017’s Barns starts off a little sludgy with “Color Me Black” before setting into the usual d-beat driven riffing that is Graneros’ cruising altitude. 2018’s The Bull: ’65 slams for the first three tracks before falling into more of a groovy section for “Tell Me It’s Fine” and finally picking up the pace for “Saco” before coming to a close.

Last year’s Casey the Dog shows a side of Graneros listeners hadn’t heard before, with the slower and more emotional “Mexico.” Then, it finishes with “Take a Seat,” which follows a rollercoaster ride of dynamic changes and is about four-times longer than the average Graneros song.

Seeing the progression of Graneros through their releases keeps us eager to hear what direction their next record will head in. They were supposed to play Sally O’Briens in Somerville on Saturday night (March 14) alongside This Bliss and Coo & Howl, but the show has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Stream their songs and show ’em some love, anyway.

— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52


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