Yavin bottles up his unromantic blues with ‘Bitter.’


While the world quibbles overs whether Boston is a rock town or a hip-hop town, Yavin just wants your consideration for “Boston’s little resident pop star.” And he’s got the premature heartbreak qualifications on his résumé to prove his grit, all presented in the concise package of his new tune “Bitter.” (out today, March 10).

Inspired by five years of “striking out” on the romantic playing field, his new track packs all the resentment of enduring wedding and engagement seasons as a perennially single person into an animated grin-n-bear-it ditty.

That’s the magic of pop music — even when it’s gone sour, it still arrives bearing sonic sunshine.

“I haven’t exactly been the most lucky in love,” Yavin tells Vanyaland. “Most people might say ‘well, maybe the problem is you’ and that idea really started to haunt me. Toss in the fact that I kept watching all of the people that rejected me find happiness in other people and it was a perfect recipe for a whole lot of bitterness, and thus ‘Bitter.’ was created.”

He adds: “Interestingly enough, though, anyone who knows me knows that I’m actually a super happy-go-lucky person which is why a lot of my brand is based on juxtaposition… I love the humor of happy chord progressions and depressing lyrics. It’s so much fun.”

Tap into Yavin’s bright brand of bitterness below.