Australian bushfire benefit to feature Rogan, Jefferies, and Cummings

Photo: Netflix Media Center

Conceived by LA-based Australian comic Monty Franklin, the show takes place at The Novo in Los Angeles on January 26

The Australian wildfires have been raging since November, but the true scope of the ongoing tragedy in the land down under hadn’t really reached the US until recently. And now, with the help of AEG, Joe Sib and Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, some of the most prominent members the comedy world are throwing their hats into the ring to help out.

Taking place on Australia Day (January 26) at the Novo in Los Angeles, Stand Up For Australian Fires will feature comedy superstars Joe Rogan, Jim Jefferies and Whitney Cummings as they brandish their world-renowned comedy skills to help raise money for Wildlife Warriors, an organization that works to preserve wildlife in Australia and abroad, as the wildfires continue to blaze. The lineup is top-tier, and according to the show’s host, Monty Franklin, it wasn’t all that tough to make it happen.

As a native of Australia, Franklin has obviously been affected by the disaster taking place in his homeland, and after the news and photos of the devastation began to spread wider and reach the states, the LA-based comic wanted to do something, and it took all of three minutes — and quick conversations with Rogan, Jefferies and Cummings — to put a benefit comedy show together.


“Everyone just wants to help, and send back as much love back to Australia as they can, and it’s really great to see everyone’s humanity come out when it’s needed most,” Franklin tells Vanyaland. “In some respects, it was my brainchild for all of thirty seconds, but then it just opened up and it has become a thing of its own, and I’m glad that I can be a part of a show that is going to be great, a night that is going to be great, and I’m glad that I can help give to a cause that’s great.”

In addition to the benefit show, Franklin has set up a donation page on Facebook for those who can’t make it to the show, but still wish to donate and help out the cause. You can find that info here

After assembling his headliners in record time, Franklin reached out to Sib, a friend, fellow comic and veteran of the LA punk scene, who then reached out to Lyman, who suggested that they pull out all the stops in marketing and ticketing, and take the show to a larger venue downtown.


Franklin is grateful for the opportunity to help out and not feel helpless thousands of miles away from his family, but he’s even more grateful for the fact that the show came together so quickly, and so naturally, and has really taken on a life of its own, while also showcasing the true meaning of community and humanity in the process. 

“I’m a very proud Australian, and I always have been, so when I see hurt and hardships fall on my country, I want to help in any way I can,” says Franklin. “I’m glad that I can do something quite impactful, and I’m so happy this came together, and that this thing is taking on a life of its own, and hopefully bringing not only awareness, but I hope it also gives a little bit of a nod to the people who are doing it hard in Australia who are maybe seeing that some of their heroes like Joe Rogan, Jim Jefferies and Whitney Cummings are standing by them.”

STAND UP FOR AUSTRALIAN FIRES BENEFIT :: Sunday, January 26 :: The Novo, 800 W Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA  :: 7 p.m., $50 to $265 :: Event info