Studio 52 Spotlight: A Boston music playlist for the end of a decade

Editor’s Note: Every Friday over the past few years, Studio 52 has teamed with Vanyaland to highlight a Boston band or artist making waves around town, from the halls of the Allston rehearsal space and beyond. Now, as we wrap up our coverage recapping not only 2019, but the past decade, Studio 52 has pulled together a massive 69-song, four-hour playlist of some of their favorite songs to come out of our city over the past 10 years. It’s a mix of Studio 52 tenants, Vanyaland features, and others who’ve contributed to the forever undefinable Boston sound. Take it with you over the holidays, and raise a glass to the city’s hustling music scene.

What Studio 52 Says: Presented in no particular order, we hand selected our favorite tracks from the decade recorded by an erratic array of local musicians. It was challenging to curate what we feel were our absolute favorite songs and it pained us to keep the playlist at a digestible length. Though our studio mainly houses rock bands, we’ve seen the rise of artists in all different genres this past decade. The multitude of extraordinarily talented musicians from all different backgrounds has blown us away and we’re ecstatic to see what 2020 and beyond brings us.

— Andrew Maroney

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