The Dirty Nil invite us all to spend ‘Christmas At My House’

Photo: Scott Murry for Vanyaland

The Dirty Nil are not only one of the best pure guitar-rock bands making music these days, but they’re also one of the hardest workin’, spending a good chunk of each year on the road. So color us relieved in red and green to learn the Hamilton trio will, in fact, be home for the holidays, raising a glass of Bailey’s to all with a new holiday joint called “Christmas At My House”. The jolly-riffin’ garage rock can be streamed on Spotify or heard below via YouTube, just as Santa begins his his own trek around the globe.

“Let’s be honest folks; unless DMX is singing it, we don’t need to hear ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ again,” says The Dirty Nil’s Luke Bentham. “Let’s do away with some of these old and tired tunes and instead, celebrate Yuletide with a proper stomper… Crank it up and let the eggnog flow, hail baby Jesus as well as the manufacturers of mid-to-low quality libations. Happy holidays, friends.”

Cheers to that.