Sleeping Bela crafts a loose n’ languid lullaby with her video ‘Tidal’


It’s a special talent, making music that’s nearly as gentle as the hush of silence itself, but that’s what Sleeping Bela does best, per her new song and video “Tidal.” Released last week (August 29) amidst the throes of bidding adieu to summer, the Malden artist’s new track and vid amplify why ambient music makes the finest choice for relaxation: It’s forever expanding outwards, searching for stillness elsewhere. Sleeping Bela masterfully pairs her R&B-dipped strain of serenity with icy chimes and subdued saxophone notes in her latest offering, as she lounges in silk sheets on the beach — which, of course, is exactly what listening to “Tidal” feels like. Peep the vibrant visuals of her new vid below, and catch Sleeping Bela performing this Sunday (September 8) in Dorchester at The Funk Pad.