This Bliss rally the guitars up for summer on ‘Talk Talk Talk’

Via artist

We here at Vanyaland often times subscribe certain styles or sounds to seasons. Late last year Boston trio This Bliss unveiled an album in Forensic Styles that aligned nicely with the fall; a warm collection of lush dream-pop that flickered feelings of auburn nights through its neon strobe.

As the season change, so does the sound, and today Jessica Baggia and the boys burst through the doors of your mind’s ears with “Talk Talk Talk”, a lively guitar-pop strut that displays shades of a few new colors under a summer-fueled sun.

This Bliss describe the number as “a tongue-in-cheek social commentary showcasing the band’s unique balance of electronic sounds with gritty rock guitar. Always content-driven with a desire to step outside specific genre lines, This Bliss continue their cinematic journey with higher energy, adventurous production, and a whole lot of attitude.”


“Talk Talk Talk” is the first taste of the trio’s new EP Dramatization of Real Events, and that gets the record release party treatment July 27 at Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge alongside Sidewalk Driver and The Furies.

Listen listen listen to “Talk Talk Talk” below.