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Tei Shi says hello again on new single ‘A Kiss Goodbye’


We’re not gathered here today deep in the seas of digital media to talk about the past, but we will take any and all opportunities to remind readers that Tei Shi’s 2015 single “Bassically” remains one of the most unfuckwithable tracks of the decade.

And that’s relevant here, because it fuels our excitement in relaying word that the Colombian/Canadian artist (and one-time Bostonian) is back this morning (June 6) with a new track called “A Kiss Goodbye.” The dreamy alt-R&B cruiser is said to re-connect Tei Shi closer to her Latin roots, pulling inspiration especially from ’70s Brazilian pop and Spanish folk ballads.

“This song is about intuition — following my gut and my body more than my head,” says Tei Shi. “It’s about learning from love and from giving so much of myself to other people, and coming out of it with a more selfish mindset, to save my love and my nurturing for myself. It’s about figuring out who you are on your own and without someone else defining that for you, through trusting yourself and allowing for the universe, the supernatural, the unexpected to take hold.”


This year’s return to our playlists began with Tei Shi’s contribution to Blood Orange’s track “HOPE” alongside Diddy, and will culminate with her sophomore album arriving later in 2019.

In the meantime, get reacquainted below.