Dutch ReBelle flaunts her ‘Faded’ birthday in new video


Last year, Dutch ReBelle was escorting her lame day to the curb and revving up to party in “SupaFly.”

In 2019, she’s celebrating another trip around the sun by sipping wine in a hot tub atop a lush mountain, completely “Faded” and unbothered. Keeping the vibe of her 2018 album Bang Bang alive and adequately blissed-out, the Boston-based rapper celebrated her birthday last week (May 27) with the release of her newest video, a tranquil but self-assured project shot by Nathan DeLong.

ReBelle’s rhymes sum up her positive psyche as she indulges in her own concoction of R&R (“relaxation and reefer”): “Mind like I could run for mayor / Belly skin out like I’m Cher.” That’s the kind of confidence that only comes with time, and another year looks good on ReBelle — both in her flow and her finesse.

Tune in below.