Jill McCracken shimmies through the Canopy Room in video for ‘Do You?’

Courtesy of Artist

When it came time for Jill McCracken to put her natural habitat on display, she knew exactly where to turn in Somerville.

Shimmying around vintage furniture, houseplants, and twinkling string lights, the Boston songstress and her band recorded a live video for her track “Do You?” in the Canopy Room at Bow Market, released today (May 22). Following the release of her debut album, 2018’s spry opus Shake Me Up, McCracken wanted to spotlight her energy beyond the studio, filming three videos at the Union Square space to release over the course of this year.

“I wanted to utilize a unique space that could visually represent our style,” McCracken tells Vanyaland. “I’d been obsessing over the Canopy Room since I’d first learned about it. While we have a great studio recording of ‘Do You?,’ I wanted to capture the magic of how we do it live. Our shows are full of energy and unabashed soulfulness, and I wanted that to shine through– and since ‘Do You?’ is the one that folks get their bodies moving to, and we hear ’em singing it to themselves as they walk out the door for the night, we thought it’d be the perfect choice for this.”


Peep the new vid and revisit Shake Me Up below.