Gia Woods bewitches with baited beats in ‘Keep On Coming’


Gia Woods has a not-so-subtle way of saying she’s irresistible; Lounging in love for her video “Keep On Coming,” released earlier this month, every time she repeats the title of the tune, she’s acknowledging a sultry twist of fate and attraction.

”I wrote it specifically about a person who I kept bumping into and realizing that their body ‘keeps on coming’ — meaning I’ve never formally met this person, but for some reason, I’m supposed to know them,” Woods tells PAPER.

In reality, the song emits a totally different message — that we’re supposed to know her and her bewitching beats, as the club-ready chorus loops infinitely in our speakers (and subsequently, our minds).

Peep the full vid below and catch Woods opening for Anna Clendening next Saturday (April 27) at The Red Room at Cafe 939.