It’s the dead of winter so here’s a new Cold Cave song

Credit: Ted Petrosky for Vanyaland

One of the more jaw-dropping touring packages of the year comes into Cambridge on March 2, when Wes Eisold’s evil-pop misery machine Cold Cave stomps into The Sinclair with cerebral Detroit electro-punks ADULT. and Los Angeles-via-Australia electronic power duo VOWWS in tow. There really isn’t enough black eyeliner and pocketed angst to go around Harvard Square to do that one justice, so instead we’ll enthusiastically wallow through winter’s gray season bumping all three projects’ distinctive sounds.

Cold Cave today give us a new addition to the playlist, a riveting fit of Eldritchian pop called “Promised Land.” It was written by Eisold and his Cold Cave conspirator Amy Lee. “Actually, I was in my head a little too much and not feeling productive and had a nice talk with Mark Lanegan about being too much in the head and it was inspiring enough to produce this song,” Eisold says. “Chris Coady mixed it at Sunset Sound and Bob Weston mastered it.”

This should get the local goth nights shaking brightly in neon flashes, and swirls out of the speakers as the perfect soundtrack for an already moribund city stuck in the dead of winter. If only March 2 were tonight.

The good news is, soon it will be.