Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: The Koopa Kids

The North Shore video game tribute band bring their musical console to O'Brien's Pub on Valentine's day

Courtesy of the band

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Studio 52 Spotlight: The Koopa Kids

What Studio 52 Says: The Koopa Kids are the North Shore’s only video game tribute band, and they sound so huge and theatrical they’re essentially a video game themed funk/rock orchestra, pumping out blaring renditions of music from your favorite old school games. The horn section is often the focal point, carrying those recognizable lead melodies over funky guitars (one of which has the body of a functioning NES). The foundation of it all are drums that lock in perfectly with flawlessly executed bass lines which often carry familiar tunes within Nintendo music. Last May brought us the release of their debut album The Sega CD, and the nostalgia factor gets so heavy you can almost feel yourself side scrolling. The Koopa Kids’ energized interpretations have us eager to see what consoles and games they might go after next, especially considering their live set from MAGFest 2019 touched on music from an eclectic mix of games spanning multiple eras. They had the crowd feeling like they were running around Bob-omb Battlefield, followed by triggering memories from Diddy Kong Racing, and later throwing it all the way back to Super Mario World. If you’re currently around the age of 30, they’ve modernized and funk-ified some of the most cherished music of your childhood, and they’re bringing it to Allston this Thursday for a Valentine’s Day spectacular at O’Brien’s Pub alongside (T-T)b, Triheart, and Orlando Boom. The Koopa Kids put it best: “If you play a ton of video games, chances are you’re single anyways, so get off your lonely ass and listen to some music!” I’ve been listening to them the entire time I’ve been writing this, and now I can’t wait to go home and dust off the N64.

— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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