Charlotte OC takes her alien love story up to a ‘Satellite’ above

New Sounds: The British singer-songwriter has unveiled a neon-lit video for this shimmering alt-R&B track


Back in November, Charlotte OC dropped a subtle yet soulful alt-R&B banger in the shape and sound of “Satellite”, a shimmering track that hit so late in 2018 it might have flown under everyone’s “Best Of” radar. But this week the British singer-songwriter has unveiled a colorful, alien love story video for the track, and it should position her as one of the breakout stars of ’19.

The clip was co-directed by Charlotte OC and Luis Cross (Bipolar Sunshine, Octavian), and you can feast your hazy eyes on all the pink and blues below.

“The whole idea behind the video is about meeting somebody and thinking they’re incredible and you see an ‘out of this world’ quality in them,” Charlotte OC says. “That standard stuff you feel when you let your head run away …but sometimes they’re just not quite what you thought they were and it turns out they’re just pretty ordinary. I really didn’t want the video to be soppy and I wanted to portray my personality as much as possible. I feel like this is the first video I’ve done where I’m showing my fans who I am and what my humour is like. Which overall is silly and bit a weird.”

“Satellite” will be featured on her forthcoming EP, which will hit sometime in the coming months via GMR/Neon Gold Records. In March, Charlotte OC will hit South-by-Southwest; hopefully she’ll make it up to the Northeast in due time. Feels inevitable.

Featured image by Sam Pyatt, via Gold Atlas.