Bitch Falcon spread their sludgy wings and soar on ‘Prime Number’


We’re already rather sympathetic towards Bitch Falcon. Any band with a fucking name like this is sure to foster inevitable disappointment, an army of assholes shrugging to the gods and offering up defeated cold takes like “Too bad the music isn’t as badass as the band name.”

Well spread those wings and fly to the moon for a game of tennis, champ, because somehow, some way, the music of Bitch Falcon slays harder than its moniker. The Dublin trio cast a sludgy gaze forward in new track “Prime Number”, a moody guitar-rock beast of a tune that balances heaviness with ease and soars as high as a… ahhhh fuck.

“It’s basically an apology song, for people close to me for being too self-obsessed and narcissistic to the point of pushing them away,” singer/guitarist Lizzie Fitzpatrick says of the track (side note: holy shit that voice). “It’s a nod to myself trying too hard to be cool and I’m probably better off just being plain ole me.”

Being yourself is totally fine when you’re fronting Bitch Falcon. Fly high, badass.