Sleeptalk want to minimize the time spent 'Apart From You'

We all spend various amounts of time feeling detached from reality. But this is especially the case for touring musicians, whose amounts of surrealism reach unsettling levels after spending countless hours in a van going city to city, venue to venue, uprooted for normal ways of life and a consistent network of friends and loved ones. So Sleeptalk’s casually flashy new single “Apart From You” is resonating fully with those who feel they’re drifting away from the foundations present at home. “When you’re on the road, it’s so hard to stay in contact with your loved ones,” says Sleeptalk vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick. “You start to forget the way things are, the way people look, talk, etc., and vice versa. This song is an ode to those relationships.” Ironically, the driving indie-pop song should enable the Southern California to build a long-lasting relationship with listeners. Get into it below. Featured photo by Taylor Brielle.