Crowd gets ass and balls to the face as stage diving attempt goes horribly wrong


We here at Vanyaland strive to bring you only the most important news in the world of music, film, comedy, and fashion. So on this lonely Thursday we present to you one of the more asinine crowd surfing fails we’ve ever witnessed.

The video comes from Concert Crap on Facebook, and shows a young man at the punk rock show attempting to do what millions have done before him: Leap off the stage into the loving arms of the punk community nestled up front; and maybe, if all goes well, do a bit of crowd surfing as the band tears into his favorite song. We’ve all seen it, and hell, some of us have done it. What a rush it is.

However, very few have ever seen it go wrong quite like this, and even fewer crowds at a show have ever received a bare ass and ballsack care package delivered right to their unsuspecting faces. The would-be crowd surfer loses his pants at liftoff, perhaps getting caught on the fan with his or her arms extended up front, and proceeds to enter the crowd with his pants around his knees. His stop, drop, and roll technique is met with horror, as he is very quickly left to descend to the floor, no hand in sight willing to hoist up his exposed ass.


We have no idea if this video is recent, or even the identity of the band on stage at what appears to be some sort of outdoor venue or small festival (someone will recognize that stage drop, we’re sure), but it’s been popping up in our news feeds so we feel an obligation to share it with our readers.

Sack up.