The Prodigy get combative on new single ‘Light Up The Sky’


The world is in chaos, the streets are on fire, and the devices we cling to in our paws each and every day inject a venom slowly driving us to insanity. So maybe, just maybe, we need The Prodigy now more than ever. The British electro-punks dropped a new track this week, the mechanical and combative “Light Up The Sky,” and it shines on a very intriguing middle ground between modern slashes and dashes and the group’s early Jilted Generation rave days. This is a banger of a tune fit for our end times, and while we may have turned a blind eye and ear to The Prodigy over years past, our dystopian future feels like a landscape soundtracked by this type of sonic aggression. “Light Up The Sky” is the second single unveiled from The Prodigy’s forthcoming seventh studio album No Tourists, which hits like dance dynamite on November 2. Rave on, rage on, there’s no longer a difference.