Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: The Big Lonesome


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Studio 52 Spotlight: The Big Lonesome

What Studio 52 Says: The Big Lonesome are discretely weening listeners onto a steady diet of country music by adding some of those elements to their otherwise straightforward indie rock sound. And it’s forcing die-hard country haters to soften up a little. It’s hard to tell who’s the guiltier party in this aspect: Chad Gosselin, who writes the songs and has a tinge of twang to his voice, or his brother Luke Gosselin who mans the lap steel.

Due to having stylistic similarities to early Wilco and The Barenaked Ladies, they have a way about them that stirs up ’90s nostalgia, which is something we can all get on board with. Formed in 2009 by Chad Gosselin, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter bursting with material, The Big Lonesome have since blossomed into the full sounding, full-of-life four piece you hear on 2014 EP Undone and again on 2017’s Fascination.

In a concerted effort to promote Fascination with vigor, Chad quit his day job, bought a van, and they all hit the road; a leap of faith that can be stressful, challenging, and exhausting. They’ve since been on the road with alarming consistency, playing all over the country and building a vast fan base in the process. “After two years of near constant DIY touring, the band has been inspired to learn and do everything ourselves,” says Chad. “We’re doing almost everything on this one in house, DIY style: Tracking, mixing, graphic design, touring, publicity. In addition to that, we have an upcoming 10 day (run of shows) down the east coast — we’ve been recording all summer, and needed a break from finishing the record.”

Their upcoming album is set to release before the new year shows its frigid face, and we’re eager to see how being out on the road paired with the new DIY approach has developed their sound. Constantly playing with bands from all over the nation can have a diversifying effect, sometimes enhancing an already established sound and sending it in a pleasantly surprising direction. Come down to O’Brien’s Pub in Allston tonight (September 7) for a night of ice cold PBR fueled dancing; The Big Lonesome headline with support from Doom Lover, Courters, and The Dazies. — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

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