Wow: Danny Boyle exits ‘Bond 25’ citing ‘creative differences’


Bad news for James Bond fans: Danny Boyle will no longer be directing the franchise’s next feature, the brain trust behind the character announced today on Twitter. Boyle had been the first choice for plenty of nerds hoping to see the Trainspotting director tackle an installment in the long-running spy series, but things just don’t work out sometimes.

Sometimes, Mommy just doesn’t love Daddy anymore, and well, at least you’ll have two Christmases!

As such, this is all very disappointing, given how excited everyone was about Boyle taking the reins (hopefully more details will emerge on this split soon), and it looks like Craig’s tenure as Bond is going to be one defined by its fits and starts. He’s on track to be the longest-tenured actor in the role — he’ll beat Roger Moore’s 12-year run by one if this film some how manages to see a release in 2019 — and he’s only made a grand total of five films. Sean Connery made that same number in five years, and Moore has seven outings to show for his efforts.

Combine that with the inability of the Broccolis and company to capitalize on Craig’s successes (following Casino Royale with the tepid Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall with the deeply stupid Spectre) and with Craig’s seeming hatred of the role itself (given the skyrocketing cost it takes to get him to show up for work for each subsequent film), and you get a weird quagmire that will most likely tank whatever final product emerges and slouches towards Bethlehem.

We’ve got a pick for director, however: We hope EON Productions considers hiring Jon Taffer to direct the movie. Or, rather, we hope that the next Bond movie is a documentary comprised of the war of wills between Taffer and Craig on set. That’d be a good time.

Bond 25 will hit theaters before the heat death of the universe.

Featured image from ‘Trance’ via Fox Searchlight via MoviestillsDB.