Morgan St. Jean boasts her bluff on new track ‘Fake It’


On this day, July 27, 2018, we have decided to crown Morgan St. Jean the patron saint of bluffing in the name of love. The Los Angeles singer has dropped her first new tune of the year, a heavy pop banger called “Fake It,” a nod to the brutal grin n’ bear it technique of getting over someone. “Putting on a black dress, painting on my red lips, I know I should find someone new,” St. Jean offers up in a lyrical introduction to the track, “but baby while he’s talking, trying not to run cause, I know I would run right to you.” Two years in the making, “Fake It” follows up some of St. Jean’s past single releases, and hopefully is leading us closer to a debut EP or album. Dive into her mighty masquerade below.