HOLYCHILD’s ‘cute but also creepy’ video addresses domestic abuse

Los Angeles indie-pop duo HOLYCHILD are back with a glossy new electronic bop called “Wishing You Away”, and with it comes a vibrant, engaging music video doused in bright colors and seemingly simple and joyous escapades. But under the shine is a message much darker, as vocalist and songwriter Liz Nistico has employed the track and visual to confront a very personal issue from her past.

“This is a video about domestic abuse,” Nistico writes. “My father was physically abusive to my mom when I was growing up and I used to be ashamed of that. I was so horrified that I was a part of such a family and I didn’t start talking about it until recently. It’s a part of my past I can’t escape. Sometimes I’ll be dating someone who is borderline abusive and I think, ‘This is it. This is my destiny. This is what I’m supposed to have.’ And if you ever think that I want you to know you are WRONG.”

As Nistico details the visual messages and meaning beneath the surface — the lyrics are rather upfront and clear on the very first listen — the entire clip takes on a whole different vibe, especially on repeated views. It’s no different from the family in the next house over, or the colleague at work, or the person passing on the street; things may look fine on the surface, but there’s so much more going on that this family or person is enduring behind closed doors.

“It has taken me a long time to come to terms with my past and how it dictates my present,” Nistico adds. “And I’m still working on it. But now you are going to get a glimpse of that with this song and video. The song is a cry to my dad. The video is a warning for the future. Wrapped in typical HOLYCHILD-fashion, it’s cute but also creepy.”

HOLYCHILD have a couple of West Coast shows lined up, and you can peep the deets on those after the video. Let’s hope the duo make their way back to the Northeast very soon. They are not alone in their travels through life.