‘Halloween’ Trailer: The night he came home (again)


After a week of teases from the good people over at Blumhouse, we finally have our bounty: the first trailer for David Gordon Green’s take on the Halloween franchise. Yes, that’s right: This is the Halloween film that Gordon Green has been working on with his co-writer, one Danny McBride, the installment that Jamie Lee Curtis finally returned for, and it’s been given one excellent fucking trailer. We’re so excited.

Peep it:


Hoo boy, we’re pumped!

Normally we have a huge problem whenever a high-falutin’ filmmaker wanders into genre-town, brandishes his film-erasin’ six-shooters and threatens some sort of major franchise with the potential of a reboot-quel. You’ve seen this in the past with films like Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, where The Usual Suspects filmmaker decided to ignore all the Superman movies that he didn’t like as a kid and just made a direct sequel to Superman II instead, and that was suitably odd and uncomfortable and should have shared more and more people away from doing films like it. Then Neil Blomkamp tried to do the same with Alien — erasing the bummer start of Alien 3 so that he could make his own rollicking adventure — before the Chappie fiasco blew up in his face, and Ridley Scott asserted his controlling grip on the franchise that he — not James Cameron — created.

We’re cool with Gordon Green and McBride taking over the Halloween franchise, though, mainly because the original Halloween is the only Halloween worth watching (at least out of the ones with Michael Myers as the villain), and because retconning is literally the life-blood of this particular film series. How appropriate for it to erase literally every entry aside from the first!


Besides, we’re ecstatic that Curtis is back, and that one shot of her taking a shot at The Shape as he stands in the window of her house feels appropriate enough for the tone of this new installment. And if you need proof as to how metal this installment is, just take a look at the scene in which Michael drops fucking teeth in front of one of his victims. Good lord!

Here’s a synopsis:

“Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.”

Halloween hits theaters on October 19.


Featured image via Universal Pictures.