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Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Death Pesos



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Studio 52 Spotlight: Death Pesos

What Studio 52 Says: Hailing from Vermont and residing right here in Boston, heavy rock power trio Death Pesos are a bubbling sonic cauldron of massive percussive force; fat and powerful guitars that dance between chugging riffs and soaring solos; and distorted, haunting vocals which rise to the top of it all. Flaunting an overwhelming sense of tightness and togetherness, it seems like entire songs are tied to vocal melodies, nailing accents simultaneously and flawlessly; when they pick up their instruments, it’s almost as if the trio becomes one. After a brief hiatus following the release of their debut full length Moon Violence, Death Pesos reappeared in July 2017 with the single “Drug Worship” and in May 2018 released a single titled “Sean Spicer” — which calls the former White House Press Secretary a “dipshit” repeatedly (got to love freedom of speech). Their most recent single, “Couch Glue,” has made all of our lives a little stranger and stonier, and they have a new four song EP recorded and slated for release in late summer/early fall 2018. Fortunately we don’t have to wait that long to hear the new songs, they’ll be banging them out at decibel level well into triple digits this Tuesday (June 5) at ONCE Somerville as direct support for Austin rock staple The Well and preceded by Hooch. One of New England’s best kept secrets is out, after a brief slumber, Death Pesos have come back with a deafening vengeance.— Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52


Featured photo by David Kinchen.

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Attend: Death Pesos play ONCE Somerville on Tuesday (June 5)


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