DREAMERS apply the alt-pop ‘Screws’ to a failing relationship


It feels like only yesterday DREAMERS got us brainwashed, lost, fucked up, drugged up, and undone. But that was two years ago (drugs tend to toy with timeframes), and while the “Wolves” have finally left our mental throne room, the Los Angeles alt-pop trio is back with another bit of force-fed precision — this time via “Screws”.

That’s the title of DREAMERS anthemic new single, which comes off as something graduating with honors from Pixies University under the songwriting tutelage of Professor Jack Antonoff. The searing, mechanical track is an immediate entry into any Song of the Summer 2k18 conversation, and its subject matter — the unraveling of a relationship — couldn’t be more appropriate for the year we’re all experiencing.

“[It’s] a tortured love song about losing your mind — the lyric is ‘I’m lying naked and my brain has lost its screws,'” says DREAMERS singer Nick Wold “We really wanted to make a passionate song in the style of early ’90s industrial music, which often dealt with the darker sides of romance, while bringing it into the world of 2018 sonically. It came out of the crumbling of logic and reason that love can bring, twisted dreams and memories, ghosts and insurmountable walls that can be created in a mind left to its own devices. I had a strange feeling at the end my last relationship, that I was most lonely when I was with her.”


“Screws” will be applied across North America later this year when DREAMERS tour North America, a run that lands at Brighton Music Hall in Allston on September 30. Vanyaland fave morgxn is also on the bill. Featured image via Hollywood Records.