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Natalie Portman returns to the Brattle, introduces Rungano Nyon film


After it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to attend any part of the film festival that she programmed, Natalie Portman announced on Monday that she’d be introducing the Thursday evening screening of Rungano Nyoni’s I Am Not a Witch at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge.

In her introduction, Portman explained her ethos behind her programming choices — that she wanted to explore the differences in the way women are portrayed on screen by both male and female directors — and thanked the Brattle for having her.

She reminisced about seeing films at a Harvard student there “when she had the time,” and, to the surprise of all, sat among the audience and watched the film with them.


From there, Portman now crosses the river to Boston Calling’s festival grounds at the Harvard Athletic Complex, where she’ll hold court over three days at the Arena, joined by guests like St. Vincent, Zola Jesus, and others.

Featured photo by Nick Johnston; for all our continuous Boston Calling coverage, click here.