Ganser provide a million and a half reason to listen to ‘Satsuma’


Ganser may be from Chicago, but they create the types of musical moods and sounds fitting for a Bostonian currently caught in endless mid-April winter. The quartet, billed themselves as a “Gonzo Post-Punk No Wave Noise” band (who are we to argue), are sprawling on our pages and swirling in our playlists with “Satsuma,” a hypnotic fit of gray-skied guitar-rock that’s nicely aligned with our fidgety nature.

Ganser tell Billboard their new track is “a sauntering accusation, art-punk sarcasm and inaugural détournement. Alicia [Gaines, vocalist/bassist] laments from a vantage point beyond where distress has turned to knowing detachment.” Gaines goes a bit deeper, shining light on the lyrical repetition of “million and a half… people”, which haunts with every offering: “Being alive, you can’t help but be affected by your environment, even if unintentionally. The chorus of ‘Satsuma’ refers to words spoken by a dangerous idiot referring to the inauguration crowd in 2017.”

“Satsuma” will be featured on Ganser’s debut album, Odd Talk, which hits April 20 via No Trend Records. They’re hitting the road this month for a slew of dates, reaching our corners of the country on an April 29 appearance at Alchemy in Providence. They’re also playing Chicago’s Cold Waves in September. Get into it.


Featured Ganser image via Kirsten Miccoli Photography.

Ganser Live Dates
April 16 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle (Record Release Show)
April 25 – Detroit, MI – Outer Limits Lounge %
April 26 – Pittsburgh, PA – Howlers %
April 27 – Brooklyn, NY – Alphaville %
April 28 – Philadelphia, PA – Mothership %
April 29 – Providence, RI – Alchemy %
May 01 – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
May 02 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar
May 03 – Richmond, VA – Flora
May 04 – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s
May 05 – Atlanta, GA – 529
May 06 – Memphis, TN – Bar DKDC
% – with Bloody Knives