BABY! helps melt the outside snow with new video for ‘Weather Girl’

Look, we’re not ones to tell you how to live your life. But Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, and unless you’re a member of the Dropkick Murphys, it’s probably best to GTFO of town. One option that involves heading slightly south with intrepid dreams of summer involves BABY!, the miraculous guitar-pop project from Florida’s Kaley Honeycutt that has been keeping us warm all winter with some very-necessary sunny beach vibes.

We hyped BABY!’s debut album last summer, but this week she re-surfaces with the colorful video for “Weather Girl,” the LP’s candy-coated stand-out track that should vault the songwriter to national accolades.

It finds Honeycutt in some familiar scenes around Boston, and as Fader notes, the nostalgia factor is off the charts as Honeycutt navigates a misguided romance through the seasons. “[Director Nico Ward] took the time to understand the vision I had for the video and pushed it even further,” she tells Fader. “The final concept we settled on illustrates my feelings on a relationship falling apart over time. In the video the seasons and ‘signs’ guide me to the final shot in spring where I finally let go of what was really just a summer romance stretched far too thin.”

While it’s not yet summer here in New England, BABY!’s musical vibrancy is a year-round phenomenon.

As mentioned, this weekend, she’ll be playing AS220 in Providence (that dreaded St. Paddy’s Day gig), a bill curated by The Ash Gray Proclamation that also stars E, Minibeast, Bad History Month, Soft Fangs, and Lost Film. That lineup reads like a SXSW poster crudely taped to a street pole on 6th Street, but one need to not travel to Austin to feel the warmth. Just be sure to avoid the green beer.